Wednesday, June 6, 2012

04-13-12 ~Party Part II~

Besides the fact that Josh was sick
we really loved our reception.
It was full of seeing family and friends
ones we see all the time and ones we never get to see.
It was the best feeling having so many people you love in one place!
We decided against a receiving line...
and for us
it was the perfect decision.
We got to talk longer with certain people and still saw everyone
and our parents were able to hang out with people they hadnt seen in forever-
we all loved it.

So after the festivities
the party began
and it was a blast!
I wish I would have danced longer
but let me tell ya
I was sooooo tired
I only lasted until 9pm like scheduled
But still-thank you to all my friends and family for making it such a good time!

 Josh's famous "cat-daddy" move
Boy I love him
He hates dancing but was such a great sport...
he was the greatest husband from the start!

Gotta love Cherie...she is always a hit

 Bouquet Toss:
So onto the toss
hahahaha ohhhhh
if any of you know Ms. Kylee Knoles
she has never been one to happily trot to the bouquet toss.
She stood in the very back and never made a try at those flowers
I would know...I was right there next to her for the hundreds we've been to.
This was all UNTIL my wedding
Man was she up in the front ready for that bouquet.
Just look at that face and determination.
Oh it makes me so happy

And look at Scott-he was so excited.
And good thing because her wedding is set for October 27th
I couldn't be more excited for two of my best friends!

Garter Toss:
Haha the look on my face says it all.
I was worried Josh would take it too far-
to be funny of course-
but that sweet boy was very good and I was proud.

Scott was ready...this time for his turn...

...but Josh's best friend, Luke.
made a huge leap
 crazy catch
 fell to the ground
and got that dang garter.
It was awesome to watch.

The Send Off:
The send off was a bit of a blur.
I was upstairs changing with all my girls
and half of them would be leaving back to their prospective homes in other states
so I was looking forward to some last moments with them and to say goodbye.
So imagine my panic when Im not even dressed and I hear my new father-in-law yell
"The sparklers are lit!"
it was a mad dash at that point while I put my dress on
the girls grabbed my stuff
and we all ran downstairs.
So to you girls- I love you and thank you and sorry for my panic!

And off we were to our brand new life
but thankful for the perfect wedding day!