Friday, June 22, 2012


Josh and I went to Providenciales, an island in Turks & Caicos,
for our honeymoon.
It was amazing to say the least.

While I go through my 879 pictures to choose which ones I can use to persuade all of you to go there ASAP...for now I want to share my very favorite part of our whole trip.
Above everything gorgeous we saw and everything fun we did...
Sunday at the Turks & Caicos LDS branch was my absolute favorite.

I had seen pictures of the building.
I had heard stories of the island,
stories of the people,
and heard Josh talk endlessly about his love for the place and the people.
This wasn't just another "honeymoon spot" for us.
There wasn't even a question of where we would go.

Josh and his companion, Elder Davies, were sent to the islands to open them up for missionary work.
They were the first two to begin a branch, help it start up, baptize men and women, and help bring the priesthood to the men there.
On our first date he talked mostly about his family, baseball, and his mission...
so as you can imagine he was beyond excited to get back there ASAP
and so was I.
On sunday we got up and headed to this gorgeous building.
I was soooo anxious and super excited.
Not to mention Josh was shaking and a little red.
He was like a 5 year old on his first day in was so fun to see!

We walked in and he immediately started hugging and shaking hands with people he had missed.
The spirit was amazing in this small room amongst a branch completely different to the wards im used to.
President Otin, the branch president, was conducting.
Josh loves him so much-and it was easy to see the feeling was mutual.
He introduced Josh and expressed his excitement for his being there.

The meeting was incredible
I have never felt the spirit so strong.
I cried like a baby the whole time.
One talk was given by a young boy about the word of wisdom,
the other talk was given by a young man about the atonement.
This young man spoke french so his talk was translated.
Although I had no idea what he was saying...I couldnt take my eyes off of him.
The sweetest feeling was watching someone living a completely different life than me, in a different culture, and speaking a different language have the same beliefs as me.
We are all children of God, and equally important in Heavenly Father's eyes.
I know that...but oh how wonderful it was to be reminded while I was across the world.

After that talk was finished, President Otin, asked Josh to bear his testimony.
Josh got up and expressed his love for all the people in the room.
He kept it short and sweet because although my non-emotional husband never cries...
he was about to lose it.

I tell you what-to any women out there that have the opportunity to visit where their husbands there. One of the greatest blessings thus far in my life has been the opportunity to see the people my husband whole-heartedly served, the place he fell in love with, the examples of the time he spent teaching about the Lord's gospel...and above see how much he cherishes his experience.

After sacrament, Sister Otin, pulled us into the relief society room to show us something.
That board in blue in the picture is full of baptisms and missionaries with members...
there are pictures of all the missionaries that have since come to serve on the islands.
Amongst all the pictures...up in the top right corner...
you'll find our wedding announcement.
It was so sweet and so humbling.
Over two years since Josh has been there...
that shows how much love these people have-it is something to aspire to.

This is President Otin.
Him and his wife are so kind and pure was the feeling I got from being around them.
He is wearing the tie Josh gave him the last day on Turks, and Josh gave him the tie he was wearing that particular sunday as well.

Just a small portion of the people Josh got to know so well while in Turks

Best sunday of my life.